Customizable Fingerless Gloves

Basic Fingerless Gloves

Customizable Fingerless Gloves There are a lot of patterns for fingerless gloves out there. A bunch of them are very intricate, a decent amount are basic. Some of them are knit flat and seamed, others are knit in the round. … Continue reading

Review: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Deluxe Set


Thinking of getting new needles that won’t break the bank? Knitter’s Pride Dreamz is right up  your alley. I am in no way a marathon knitter. I love Clover Takumi Bamboo needles. They do tend to get sticky, though, and … Continue reading

Single Crochet Grit Stitch

Single Crochet Grit Stitch

I found today that someone had searched for the Single Crochet Grit Stitch on my site, and I’m sorry I didn’t have this stitch sooner. It intrigued me, I’m always looking for new stitches for baskets, which I think this … Continue reading

Seed Stitch Cowl


Hey there! I’ve been fiddling around with making a cowl, my very first one.  I’m not a master knitter by any means, so I chose a pattern that was quick and easy. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years, and … Continue reading