Squishy Mail #1: Darn Good Yarn

Squishy Mail #1: Darn Good Yarn

Darn_Good_Yarn_1 The Company: Darn Good Yarn offers a wide variety of vanity yarns made of reclaimed fibers such as silk, chiffon, denim, linen and more. They also feature Banana Fiber yarn, hemp, suede. They have just a giant variety of knitting and crocheting supplies to really get the ideas for beautiful home decor, clothing accessories (I’m thinking a gorgeous chiffon ribbon clutch for holiday parties)… There’s a lot there. Most importantly, though, Darn Good Yarn is helping to create jobs and stability to women in Nepal and India by taking “manufactured waste, which would normally be sent to landfills, and repurposes it to create spectacular pieces of art.” (Darn Good Yarn, Nicole Snow, http://www.darngoodyarn.com/all-about-us/).


20 stitch swatch knitted in stockinette on US size 10 needles. I recommend a US 13 or 15.

The Yarn: The Darn Good Yarn pictured here is the Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack* in Dawn. Each hank of chiffon ribbon comes at about 80 yards. It’s considered chunky to super chunky, and requires larger needles and crochet hooks, like US Size 15 needles or hook size Q or higher, depending on how tight you want your crochet stitches. Stitch definition pretty good, but it’s not like t-shirt yarn, for the one sole fact that it seems to fray. However, when knitting up a small swatch, the stitches created are very dreamy. When winding these hanks into a ball, there were a LOT of little strings that seemed to get tangled, but I honestly think that’s from in-transit handling (we all know how mail carriers handle our packages). A little trimming, and we’re good to go. Just like t-shirt yarn, this chiffon ribbon takes a bit to get used to when creating your fabric, but the end result is well worth it.

The Project: This is going to be a project consisting of a light rope, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be a heart, a rectangle or a spiral. Oh, decisions. The tutorial for the project can be found here at Crafty Queens. I was able to purchase two 9′ light ropes from Big Lots for $10 each. My plan for the second light rope will be a Christmas tree skirt in Darn Good Yarn’s Lava colors. Since each skein of chiffon ribbon is 80+ yards, and crocheting this around a light rope with a diameter of less than half an inch will result in a decent amount of yarn left over. So the Dawn colorway will go on my hall wall, and the Lava colorway will go under my Christmas tree. Total cost for the project, if you get the yarn now while it’s on sale for $39.95 will be a little less than $50, and you will get a CRAPTON of compliments on your holiday decor. Guaranteed.

Stay tuned for the project notes and pictures, I know you’re going to love them. In the meantime, check out this small gallery of photos I’ve taken of Darn Good Yarn’s Chiffon Ribbon Ombre Pack.

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