Squishy Mail #2: Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium

Squishy Mail #2: Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium

Squishy_Mail_Hiloris_Yarnorium_1The Dyer: Hilori Thompson, owner of Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium on Etsy, is an indie dyer based out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Ms. Hilori uses colorfast acid dye, guaranteeing a gorgeous variegation of rich colors to match any pattern or design. Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium is a shop I can spend hours in, trying to decide what and how much to get. There’s so much to look at: hand dyed roving, cakes, and hanks. Consisting mostly of fingering weight yarn, Hilori’s Yarnorium has many different fibers to choose from. They range from mostly merino wool blends, to a couple with cashmere or silver stellina, for tons of sparkle. Ms. Hilori does custom orders, for that special idea in your head, aching to be created.

Squishy_Mail_Hiloris_Yarnorium_2The Yarn: Colorway 37?! is a beautiful cake of luscious Superwash BFL Wool and nylon (80/20) dyed in a fantastic deep hue to an almost white. This specific cake reminds me of denim jeans, from the day of purchase to years down the road, quickly designating itself as “the jeans you can’t live without.” You know, the jeans you refuse to retire (and if you have to stop wearing them, you still keep them in the back of your drawer for years). This cake features 407 yards (372 meters) of fingering weight goodness with a long gradient from dark to light. Other cakes in this shop have multiple colors, like a rainbow or complimentary colors. With such amazing gradients like this, I’d have to say a luxurious shawl is in order… I’m even pretty stoked at the stitch marker she included for free! We can never have enough stitch markers.

The project: Good Lord, I have no idea what to make with this! Here is why: the way the gradient is set up, with gorgeous, long colors, these cakes would be ideal for a crescent or triangular shaped shawl to really show off the colors. A quick search on Ravelry, specifically for 400 yards of fingering weight yarn in the Scarves category, produced about 14 pages of knit ideas and inspiration. A crochet search produced about 3 pages. The thinness of the yarn with the colorways, I think, would create a shawl with a good basic stitch to lace ratio would be ideal. This would show off the stitch texture, colors and pattern ideally.

  1. Knit Pattern: Sunshine and Pinwheels by LeftSideKnits – This is a pattern for sale, $5 (but currently, as of this writing, there’s a 50% off sale!) that features charts and written instructions. Recommended because there’s just enough body to the shawl that the gradient can flow wonderfully while still accentuating the pattern itself, bringing almost a dreamy fabric to drape ever so elegantly over your (or your recipient’s) shoulders.
  2. Crochet Pattern: Multiplicity Lace Shawl by Esther Chandler of Make My Day Creative – This is a great, free shawl pattern to really show off the gradient with enough body, yet has a marvelous stitch pattern that the yarn will accentuate. Plus, it’s designed in such a way that it can be worn multiple ways, hence the name. (I think I’ll be doing this one; I could really use something pretty and versatile.)

Those were just a couple suggestions for this yarn, as far as searching on Ravelry goes. You can get as insanely creative as you want, Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium really gets the creative juices going. Be sure to check her store out, there is a lot to drool over.

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