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I’ve been fiddling around with making a cowl, my very first one.  I’m not a master knitter by any means, so I chose a pattern that was quick and easy. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years, and I’ve gotten way more serious about the craft, experimenting with various projects, designs, stitches, and techniques. So I found this Seed Stitch Cowl pattern on Ravelry, something quick, easy, to the point: One Skein, One Night, Seed Stitch Tall Cowl by Knit and Bake.

I used Lion Brand Size 11 Circular Needles with Loops N Threads Cozy Wool (Harvest, Barley and Goldenrod) from Michael’s Crafts. It really gave me a lot of practice with my Flicking technique – essentially knitting continental but with the right hand instead of the left. I used the Long Tail Cast-On, 81 stitches. Because I’ve never done a cowl before, and have only knitted in the round once or twice, it got twisted twice. The seed stitch is easy if you have the Knit and Purl stitches down. I like how the Seed Stitch looks with this yarn. The Cozy Wool has a slight shimmer to most of its colors, Harvest being the best out of all of them so far. I added Goldenrod to finish it off.

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I wasn’t too sure how I liked the finished project, but I loved a few aspects about it: the Seed Stitch, definitely. With this yarn, it was absolutely gorgeous. The Cozy Wool was also surprisingly comfortable in 75 degree Florida evening temperatures, which is perfect for my sleeveless dress I’m wearing for a graduation that I’m going to with my husband. The twist was intriguing, but really accented with the extra length. This cowl fits perfectly around my shoulders as more of a wrap instead of a cowl.

Interested in trying out a genuine fit, I created another one with more Loops N Threads Cozy Wool, this time with the colors Goldenrod and Clematis.IMG_3548_2 The Clematis is gorgeous: purple at first glance, but upon closer inspection, minute strands of blue, red and purple, to really give it a glorious depth. Though I was happier with the turnout, I noticed that it was smaller than the Harvest cowl because I realized I cast on 79 stitches instead of 81 (I still knit the same amount of rows). It didn’t fit around my shoulders as easily, that extra two stitches in the Harvest Cowl really made a difference in fit. Though I didn’t block the first one, I feel I may need to block this second, find a way to stretch it out a bit.

IMG_3547_2After I finished the Clematis Cowl, I wasn’t sure how it would match my dress, so I started on one more. This new cowl is currently a WIP, and I have to say, the yarn, Isaac Mizrahi Craft in Roosevelt and Regis, is crazy soft. The stitch, a typical stockinette, has made this one a bit stiff, so I’m sure I’ll have to block it to soften it up. This time, I’m using size 15 needles, long-tail cast-on 81 stitches, and double stranding the yarn.  So far, it’s taking me two full skeins of the Regis colorway, and just a small bit of the Roosevelt for the border. The colorway is perfect, and the metallic strands throughout the yarn really accent the gradient. I’m hoping that it’s finished and blocked by the time the graduation rolls around on Thursday, this last cowl will most likely be the winner. If I had the time, I’d frog it and use larger needles, but time is of the essence, and it’ll look fine, regardless.  The stitches are looking really nice and even, and I would hate to rip all that out anyway. Back to Michael’s Crafts I go for more of this yarn!

*Update: The Isaac Mizrahi Craft in Regis turned out to be a total disaster. When I added the second skein, the gradient started off perfectly, then in the middle, the colorway was interrupted with a TON of knots, tying together a white to a black. It turned out horrifying. I kept going with it, hoping it would look good anyway, but holy crap, this looks absolutely horrible. I contacted the company that makes the yarn, and told them I’d never buy it again. For that reason, I don’t want to link through to anywhere for you to purchase it, but if you’d like to try using the yarn, I got these skins at Michael’s Crafts. Lesson learned: when you switch yarns and come across any knots, especially interrupting the colorway, untie the knot, and go through the strand to the proper color to continue the gradient.  – 22 May 2015

The pattern is easy:

  • Cast On 81 st, join in the round
  • *K1, P1* repeat for 38 rows
  • Knit bind off, weave in the ends.

Enjoy experimenting with these patterns, I’ve found that they’re incredibly easy and perfect for beginners wanting to try something out with their yarn stash.

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