Review: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Deluxe Set

Thinking of getting new needles that won’t break the bank? Knitter’s Pride Dreamz is right up  your alley.

I am in no way a marathon knitter. I love Clover Takumi Bamboo needles. They do tend to get sticky, though, and I noticed that my stitches and tension are a little too tight when I work with them. So I decided to take the leap and do some research as to which needles to upgrade to: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, or ChiaoGoo Red Lace.

Decisions, decisions…

Full_Dreamz_SetI purchased a single set of interchangaeables both from ChiaoGoo and Knitter’s Pride Dreamz from Amazon. I got the default needle tip size 8 (5.5mm) of each brand and two cords for each – Knitter’s Pride (KP from here on out) 16″ and 24″, and ChiaoGoo (CG from here on out) Spin 24″ and Red Lace Twist 24″. Thanks to Amazon Prime, I got them quickly and started knitting up swatches.

I realized right from the start that the KP 16″ cord was really an 8″ cord to make 16″ needles (more on that in a bit). I had to order another 16″, so I took that cord off, attached the 24″ and worked up a quick swatch with a single ply wool worsted weight.


The feel of the needles was interesting. They felt a little waxy, nice and grippy, but still pretty smooth. The yarn stuck a bit, which was fine with me, but it was still a very even flow between stitch creation and bunching the work for quick, easy knitting. The taper of the point is listed as “flawless” and “perfect” but there is a noticeable ridge, not quite as smooth as the Clover. Stitches didn’t get caught on the taper during stitching and casting on, so it is pretty smooth. I just wouldn’t say flawless or perfect. That being said, I went ahead and bought the whole deluxe set on Amazon.


Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Deluxe Set



The Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Symfonie Wood Interchangeable Deluxe Set comes with 9 knitting needle tips: US size 4 (3.5mm) to Size 11 (8.0mm). Four cords are included: one 24″ (60 cm), two 32″ (80 cm), and one 40″ (100 cm). One set of size markers, eight end caps, four cord keys, and one cord case finishes off this set, all to be stored in a clear vinyl storage case. It even comes with easy to read instructions if you’re new to the interchangeable world. This creates a very simple, easy collection of needles to store in your caddy or office, or carry with you on long trips. The case offers enough room to add any extra needles you have. I had purchased a set of fixed circulars in sizes 2 and 3 for lace knitting, and if you have a couple patterns slated for future production, this will fit a few pages of folded paper as well as pens or highlighters, and a small notions case (the latter of which you may have to jam in there, but if your notions are in a ziplock bag, you’ll be fine). You can get all of this for roughly $60 through Amazon.

The Needles

Each Dreamz needle is marked with the size both on the wood and the metal join. I’m pretty happy with the metal join labeling, because now, even after a few uses, the size on the wood is starting to rub off with use. However, sometimes redundancy is not a bad thing, and Knitter’s Pride has included cord tags with their Dreamz set. I don’t want to assume the worst, but I’m thinking these tags are just a backup for when the label on the join rubs off. It’s fine, different ways to remember needle sizes are always a plus. And if all of that rubs off and gets lost, you still have the color coding to know which size is which. Four different ways to let you know your sizes is not a bad thing. Knitter’s Pride, I tip my needles to you.

Dreamz_NeedlesThe Dreamz are made of birch wood. They are definitely light weight, good for arthritic hands. The waxy feel is a high polish lamination. I really prefer this, because the needles don’t slip out of my hands and drop stitches. This also makes for a great opportunity to learn new, complicated stitches and patterns. You need that extra grip to make sure the needles won’t slide out while reading the instructions.

The Dreamz tips are great. Not too pointy, like Clover, not too dull like the Ostart DPNs I got from China (a whole set of bamboo DPNs from size 0 to 15), the latter of which was essentially a half sharpened stump. The Dreamz tips are really good for a K2Tog, K3Tog, and those stitch counterparts, tbl (Through the Back Loop). Of course, a lot of those stitches depends on your tension, but a nice pointy tip really does help.

Dreamz_CordsThe Cords

The cords, compared to Boye and Lion Brand fixed ciruclars, are a dream to work with, no pun intended. Yes, they are in their sleeve, all coiled up for space saving and packaging, but when they come out, they’re not stiff or formed to the package. They’re pliable, flexible, and need minimal to zero reshaping, making them almost literally plug and play. Each cord comes with cord caps and a key. When two cords are fixed to two needles, making a set of flexible straights, they will flop around, as they are pliable but stiff. If you have cats, be prepared to have them bat at the needles as you work. My boys find these needles irresistable and are always sitting next to me, watching the cord caps bounce around. Use the cord key to keep the caps in place, and you’re good to go. The join from the needle to the cords are almost invisible, and nothing has snagged so far. Since the cords themselves are not labeled as Dreamz specific, each one will fit Knitter’s Pride’s other interchangeable sets. This Dreamz set comes with a clear vinyl carrying case to store your cords in so they don’t get tangled or lost. One bummer note: the cords don’t spin. CG has a special cord set called Spin, so no matter how  you hold or twist your needles, those specific cords won’t twist with it. The join swivels, so the cord stays in one place without fiddling or twisting. I really like that feature of the ChiaoGoo needles I got, which is going to prompt me to purchase their spin set (which is bamboo). More on that once I get the set, though.

The Cord CapsDreamz_Cord_Caps

I think the best feature about this set, for me, is the ability to take the cords off with my WIP, screw in a couple cord caps, and attach a different length to the needles. This is a very slick feature, because we all know that our boredom sets in with one project, and we always want to start another. The cord caps came with each cord, something CG didn’t include in their packages and offers as a separate purchase. Though I’m sure other needle companies include such a simple, ingenious perk, I was pretty stoked that these just came standard. It’s almost like air conditioning in your car, you have to have it. To make these cord caps an incredible double threat, I have attached them to the ends of the 16″ cords (which I already had on my size 8s), creating two separate, flexible needles. Because I hate working with 14″ straights. HATE it. They bump into everything, no matter what I do. So thank you, KP Dreamz. Again, I tip my needles to you.

The Verdict: buy it!

I’m really happy with this Knitter’s Pride Dreamz set. For the price it’s listed at, it’s a very decent bargain for what you get. Everything you need is right there, except for stitch markers, which you can make yourself or grab for cheap. I’m a pretty simple person. I require that my cords aren’t a stiff mess, the needles are easy to work with, they’re very quiet – a big plus for some knitters, and they’re ready to plug and play right out of the package. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty stoked on every feature, and then some. Knitter’s Pride put a very decent amount of thought into this, and covered a lot of helpful and productive features in this Dreamz set. I think this set is more than ideal for beginners, especially while learning newer, more intricate patterns. I’m happy to say that I don’t consider this Dreamz set to be disposable, as so many things are these days, and it will last you for a while with proper care and handling. The Dreamz have had a couple reviews of breaking, and I get that certain parts of the wood grain tend to weaken with age. But I’m under the impression that Knitter’s Pride customer service is great, very easy to work with. If I ever have to contact them for anything, I’ll be sure to add in my impressions here.

Quick note: the affiliate link that’s provided in this blog goes to Amazon. The set I bought on that website had a goofy thing involving the size 4 needle tips: the tip would screw, and keep screwing, and keep screwing, like the screws were just not catching. I was so pumped that I got these, I didn’t think to go through the entire set or the return policy. As per the Knitter’s Pride website, any KP products purchased from affiliate sites such as Amazon or eBay cannot be returned or exchanged to Knitter’s Pride for replacement. So some advice when you get your needle set: unpack it and test each needle tip to each cord supplied, double checking to make sure you’re not going to find a wonky needle tip after the return policy expires. If you do have a goofy tip or two, return it if you wish. I’m personally going to purchase an extra size 4 tip set, and add it to my Dreamz bag – doesn’t hurt to have a backup, right?

Thank you for reading, my friends, and I hope you found this review of the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz useful. I really appreciate you stopping by, and if you have anything to add, please leave a comment below. Don’t forget, if you’re new to knitting and want to learn some new techniques, my Craftsy affiliate links below are a great way to grab a couple classes, and expand your knowledge. (I recommend the Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know with Sally Melville, and essentially, anything from Patty Lyons.)

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