New and Improved Squishy Mail!

Squishy Mail. You all know it. We sit at the front stoop, waiting for the mailman to bring us our goodies. It’s the package that the yarn we’ve been holding our breaths for that arrives in the mail. And it’s usually in an envelope. And the first thing we do is squeeze it against our chests.

Squishy mail. We love it.

We, as knitters, crocheters, yarn artists, almost live for this. I find it funny how it’s almost porn to us yarncrafters. We love looking at others’ squishy mail. I love it because I’m introduced to new dyers, yarn artists, patterns, fibers, and it all sends my mind reeling with endless ideas. So every time I order from an Indie Dyer (and I’ve got tons of hanks on the way with even more to photograph), I’m going to list my squishy mail here.

This will ultimately end up as an Indie Dyer Compendium. Each Squishy Mail listing here will have the yarn I’ve recently purchased, and a link to the pattern or project I intend to use it for. As I finish each pattern or project, I’ll include a link once it’s done, so you can see the creation process. Now, I’m by no means a yarn snob, but I do have an eye for art. So definitely check out some of these indie dyers, they are here for a reason: their yarn deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

Thank you, my friends! Happy crafting and warmest wishes to you,
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Squishy Mail #1: Darn Good Yarn*

Squishy Mail #2: Hilori's Magical Yarnorium

Squishy Mail #2: Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium


Squishy Mail #3: Sapphires N Purls








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