JuneeB Patterns

Welcome to JuneeB Patterns!

It’s time to get these patterns out of my head and into your hands.

Most of my patterns will be free, all will be available on Ravelry. Here on the blog, you’ll find the thought process behind each one, a place to comment and discuss, and anything else that comes to mind about that specific pattern. Similar to my Squishy Mail section, you will find them all listed in the order they’re published with links to their respective pages. Those pages will then take you to my Ravelry shop, where you’ll be able to download them hassle-free.

A slight word of warning…

Don’t be surprised if I pull certain patterns down and stash them, meaning I’ll make them unavailable for a certain amount of time. This is to determine which is popular, which needs work, and what I can do to improve each pattern. Stashing it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be gone forever. It’ll be released at a later date. When each pattern is removed, the blog post about it will still be up, but there will be a note that says “Stashed”. This can also happen at any time, but I’ll be sure to announce when I plan on stashing it, just so you can grab it if you want it. After that, I’ll either publish it in an e-book with unreleased goodies, or I’ll just re-release it. Any updates I make to the pattern will be listed all over: on the blog page, in the pattern itself, on the Ravelry page, even announced on Facebook and other social media. So if you miss the pattern, add it to your library in your Ravelry account and check back.

Or, you can subscribe to my blog via the email signup that I just enabled (should be to your right).

So without further ado, here is the list of patterns I have created to be available to you. Enjoy!


Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Customizable Fingerless Gloves Pattern – A basic pattern that is fully customizable to make your projects unique.