JuneeB Designs Update!

JuneeB Designs Update!

Update on moving

It’s time I took a moment to update everyone with what was going on, and why the lack of posts. Sure, I don’t post on Facebook every day, five times a day, nor do I tweet, pin or dive into the social scene too much. There has been a considerable lack of engagement, for which I’m sorry.


In a nutshell, here’s what’s going on:

  • My stepfather has been given less than a month to live. His prostate cancer went to his bone, and it’s looking pretty dire. My blood father passed away of a brain tumor 19 years ago, and my step father has been there for us all, me, my mom, my sister. Suffice it to say, I’m pretty bummed, but even moreso at the fact that I can’t go up there to see him and hug him one last time. Granted, I wasn’t as close to him as my mom and my sister, but it’s pretty aggravating knowing that someone’s dying and I can’t see them off.
  • Mom took a bit of a dive up the basement steps and bashed her head open. She’s fine now, but at her age, there’s always the chance of something horrible causing such a trip up the steps. Turns out she just slipped. No stroke, no heart attack, no seizure, just bad footing.
  • Depression kinda set in after Marinke’s death (Wink of A Creative Being). No, I didn’t know her, so there really wasn’t a reason for me to be THAT upset. Unfortunately, her passing, along with about 5 other people in my close circle of friends and family, it was kind of the straw on the back of the camel, and I had to take a moment to gather myself. For me, my depression recovery is a relatively slow process, and it always lingers, but I get through it because I need to. I’ll be posting a bit of a story behind my depression here in a bit.
  • On a happy note, we’re moving! Yay! I finally get an office! I can’t tell you how pumped I am. This is a huge step, because right now, I’m working out of my dining room. It’s worth it to note that I’ll even be putting up an office hours sign on the door. I’m taking knit and crochet to the next level past hobby and I’m hoping to make it an income, either by selling finished items or teaching through this blog or in person. I’m hoping this will even give me a chance to start up a Knitting Guild chapter in the new neighborhood.

I have been busy knitting and crocheting, though. To go along with all the other enthusiasts, I do agree that it is therapeutic. Through some of these more difficult times, I’ve started a hefty amount of WIPs (which I’ve since had to pack up). But I’ve left out a couple skeins of acrylic, a few needle sets, and about two other projects to plug away at.

  1. I’ve started a shawl for my cousin’s daughter. I had posted this Lost Soul’s Skull Shawl on Facebook, and she fell in love. Crochet UpdateIt’s not hard, but it’s not insanely easy. I mean, it’s a shawl, it’s got all the basic stitches, but it’s intricate, and requires you to pay attention. Click the picture to visit the pattern page. It’s 100% free, all you need to do is create a Ravelry account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Future Knit UpdateI have a project ready to go when I get up to Ohio to help my mom rehabilitate from a shoulder replacement surgery. I promised my mom I’d knit her a nice, airy shirt to be ready for her when she had full mobility in her arm. A nice lady in my knitting guild chapter wore this shirt, and I fell in love with it. So I chose Monet Silk & Merino blend single ply heavy worsted from Sapphires Yarn (I need one more hank), balled it up on my winder, and set it aside with the pattern for the trip. My swatch turned out exact, for which I’m thankful, and it’s so luxurious, you can roll around naked in it. It’s crazy gorgeous, both the yarn and the pattern.
  3. I have some articles coming up that I hope to photograph and finish soon. There will be a comparison between ChiaGoo and Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable circulars, some Knitter’s Pride Cubics vs. Nova Cubics (mainly for my mom and her arthritis – she’s my guinea pig), an article coming up on three different indie yarn dyers with whom I’ve worked and what I think of their yarns and stores, and hopefully a survey with a giveaway at the end, to name a few. There will also be a section created for launching a yarncraft business with helpful links, tips, tricks, tutorials, everything you wanted to know about starting a business with this. As I go through it, you go with me if you choose. 🙂
  4. I will also be starting another shawl. I have an indie dyer who has some yarn perfect for the project, and when I get settled, I’ll be creating another post about working with this dyer to choose the perfect yarn, how to read the shawl instructions and chart, and a sort of knit-along. More information on that will be released. I’ve got a lot of work to do prior to this, but keep tabs, because it will be announced hopefully within the next few months.

This happens a lot, I’ve got a long list of stuff I want to do, and I have to shave it down. In my hurried frenzy to get packed and moved, I’ve kept out a small amount of my WIPs to keep me halfway sane and inspired. However, I’ve kept a few of my projects as my utmost priority because I think a lot of the ideas I have will really benefit you. Heck, I may even start a mailing list!

Thank you all for tuning in and I know you feel how tedious a move is, even one so short as moving across the bay, like ours. However, going from a one bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house is a much needed, relieving decision, and my husband and I are ready to go. Once I get the computer and internet set back up, I’ll be sure to have some pictures taken of the new office to post up. It’s gonna be awesome!

Again, thank you, my friends, and have a blessed weekend!!

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