Gift Ideas for Yarncrafters

A gift for knitters and crocheters is usually yarn, but what else do you get them? Here is a list of ideas that any yarncrafter will love.

gift_Knitters_Pride_NeedlesYou know he or she has been dropping hints for a while as to what you can gift them for the holidays. Usually, it’s yarn, right? Big, expensive hanks of silk, a ball of that gorgeous cashmere that’s been hand-dyed, the merino and Stellina sock yarn that they’ve been staring at for days online…but to an onlooker, a non-crafter, it seems overwhelming. You always want to gift them something that they will love, but it’s best to grab them something that they will need. The best gift is one they’ll never expect. In my research, I’ve found a few items that knitters and crocheters are constantly eyeballing, drooling over, yearning for that isn’t yarn. So here are a few ideas that I’ve compiled for you to make your holiday shopping easy and painless.

Stocking Stuffers


Jessie McCann’s stitch markers with knit stitches stamped into them make a great holiday stocking stuffer for any knitter, beginner to master.

The best stocking stuffers are notions and accessories: yarncraft supplies to help make knitting easier that aren’t hanks and balls of yarn. These include stitch markers, tins and carrying cases, yarn cutters, needle toppers, etc. Here are a couple shops from Etsy that I found to have great accessories:

And there are tons more. If this list has too many choices for you, you can always click here for the default Etsy Gift Card. Gift Suggestion: To make a gift a bit more exciting for the knitter, I would purchase the tin from HIDEandSHEEP, put the stitch markers in, and put that little bundle into the needles storage bag from FancyCuts. Put a bow on it and place it into the stocking, or tie it to the tree. What looks like one gift turns into three!

Bigger Gifts and Storage Options


The RÅSKOG Utility Cart comes in three colors, and can hold a multitude of projects.

Now that you’ve got the stockings stuffed, here is a list of the larger gifts that fit better under the tree. Yarnies and crafters are always looking for ways to hide their stash and hold their new accessories. This one will give you the most popular “gotta-have-it” gifts that thousands of yarncrafters want.

It’s the most exciting thing to have these gifts under the tree (or next to it if it’s too big). All websites have the option for a gift card if the choices are too vast. Gift Suggestion: Keeping the gift under $100, the Ikea utility cart, the Knitter’s Companion DVD set, and the knit themed mugs from CluckCluckBoots will plant your knitter in their favorite chair for hours ($64.76 + shipping)!

Gifts That Keep On Giving

gift_Knit_Crate_PackageThese gifts require a simple mouse click, and your yarncrafter will be thanking you for months: subscriptions. But these aren’t normal subscriptions… These are YARN subscriptions.

  • Knit Crate* – A monthly yarn subscription that comes with yarn, a pattern, a notion and a goodie, along with a bunch of special specific coupon codes. If you would like to see what comes in this subscription package, see my review of them here. Knit Crate also supplies knit themed gifts such as mugs, totes, and more.
  • PostStitch – PostStitch is similar to Knit Crate, but this subscription includes other items in the packages that make each delivery complete: needles, notions, yarn, pattern. The big seller for PostStitch is they ship out entire projects with everything your knitter or crocheter will need to get started.
  • Fiberista Club – Fiberista Club looks as though it only supplies yarn. If your knitter or crocheter has all the notions and goodies they will ever need, this is the subscription for them.

There are a bunch more subscription clubs out there, but these are so far the ones that are talked about the most. I’ve personally used Knit Crate, but my next subscription will be to PostStitch, as they are suppliers of complete kits, instead of bits and pieces. Gift Suggestion: for your beginner, I’d recommend PostStitch; Intermediate, Knit Crate; Yarnie, Fiberista Club.

YARN Gifts

Lastly, here’s the yarn stop, and I have WAY too many shops that have given me codes and coupons for this 2015 holiday season. If any of these ideas don’t quite strike your fancy, and all you want to get them is yarn, please look no further than right here: Holiday Sales from Indie Shops.

Get Shopping!

Holiday shopping is daunting. If you’re a procrastinator who has spent the last month wracking your brain for the ideal gift (like me), this list will point you in the right direction. Gift cards are great, especially to Etsy, because it allows us yarncrafters to choose which yarn to get. However, there’s nothing like actually opening a gift from your loved one that has something we really want in it, from stitch markers, to a project bag, to a cubic bookshelf to stash our vast amounts of yarn. So take your time browsing, secretly peek into your loved one’s craft station, find out what they need, and follow the links to find the special gift.

Happy shopping, my friends, and I hope this holiday finds you and your family happy and together!


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