Customizable Fingerless Gloves

Basic Fingerless GlovesCustomizable Fingerless Gloves

There are a lot of patterns for fingerless gloves out there. A bunch of them are very intricate, a decent amount are basic. Some of them are knit flat and seamed, others are knit in the round. As impressed as I am about the majority of them, there’s something about them that I just wasn’t feeling. Sure, they were simple, they were a quick knit, but a lot of them used worsted weight yarn. Though that’s not a bad thing, their construction turned into something rather bulky. That in and of itself is good for using these outside, but then again, without fingers on the gloves, it kind of defeats the purpose to having gloves made of worsted weight to be used outdoors. So, here is my thinking on the subject and why I released the pattern I made.

Customizable Fingerless Gloves: The Thought Process

I used to work in a building that was freezing. Even here in Florida, that was quite an ordeal. There were so many computers and servers jammed into such small spaces Basic Fingerless Gloves 2that the air conditioning was set to 60 degrees F to compensate for the amount of heat those machines were putting out. Everyone in the building complained all the time about how cold they were, their hands red and dry. I asked them about gloves, and fingerless hand and arm warmers. They said all of the ones they’d seen were just too thick. Working on a keyboard all day, they needed mobility. They needed a minimalist design, something that wouldn’t get in the way that was still warm enough. Enter these fingerless gloves.

Customizable Fingerless Gloves: The Design

Basic Fingerless Gloves 3

After discussing these gloves with friends in the building, I wanted to create something that was thin, warm, easy to work up, yet still stylish with endless possibilities. These gloves, made with sock yarn, are nice and thin. Add nylon for stretch and wool for insulation, and we have a good basic fabric that helps keep skin warm without creating a bulk that will hinder movement or dexterity. The length is ideal for half sleeve garments, the palm and the thumb gusset short enough to allow continual movement of the fingers. Since they are created with a simple stockinette stitch, the back of the glove, the public side, leaves for endless possibilities to enhance the design. This helps create a unique set of gloves created for anyone.

In the pattern, I use Paton’s Kroy FX sock yarn. The long gradients in an almost tweed or heather fashion makes the gloves either stand out with an outfit, or blend nicely. The two colors shown in these pictures are the Clover Colors and the Copper colorways. However, any sock yarn will work wonderfully (I actually have some stellina sock yarn from Crochet the Winter that I’m going to be whipping these up with, add a little bling). I prefer sock yarn because it creates a small stitch fabric that shows off the colors better without the stitches being distracting. The ribbing shows up beautifully, yet subtly, creating a good closure for the design. The thumb gusset is easy to work once you get the hang of it, though I will tell you, M1L and M1R are quite a pain in the ass with sock yarn and 9″ circular needles when you first start out. However, you only have to do that a few times, and then you can get on with it. As Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits says, “If it’s not a pain in the ass, you’re not doing it right.”Fingerless Gloves Needles

I knit my fingerless gloves with HiyaHiya 9″ circular needles, so I list them in the needle choices. They do take some getting used to. However, this is not 100% centered around using those, you can use whatever you want. DPNs, magic loop, 9″ circulars, two-at-a-time, whatever you would normally use with socks, you can use with these. I do, however, recommend practicing with the 9″ circulars if you’ve never worked with them. I have also included links in the pattern to various tutorials to get you familiar with the techniques used (from Staci Perry of Very Pink Knits), if you need them, and links to stitchionary videos for ideas of stitch patterns to use in your gloves.

Customizable Fingerless Gloves: Final Thoughts

Fingerless Gloves on the NeedlesI know this pattern resembles multiple designers’ ideas. Heck, every pattern is strikingly similar to the next. I created this to be a foundation of all of those designs. Any stitch pattern or pattern repeat that can fit into the gloves can be used to make your design unique to you. You can do anything with this pattern. I’ve just supplied you with the basic pattern, the initial gauge, and measurements for your design mock-up using sock yarn.

Have fun with this. Go all out. Work this up to your liking. Just don’t forget to show me what you come up with. Post your image to me on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #JuneeBKnits, post pics to my Facebook page, or link to me in your Ravelry project.

Thank you for stopping in, click the link below to get your free pattern, and I hope you have fun knitting this up!

Click here! –> Customizable Fingerless Gloves


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