Crochet Massaging Face Scrubbie

Crochet Massaging Face Scrubbie

This Crochet Massaging Face Scrubbie is a one of a kind addition to your daily morning regimen. Made of 100% Cotton, this Crocheted Scrubbie massages as it exfoliates.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know, I put the Crochet Massaging Face Scrubbie up for sale in my Etsy shop.¬† I created this because I didn’t have any good scrubbies that I liked for my face wash. Everywhere I looked, there were just plain old sponges or flat disks. I work in food service, usually over a grill or serving customers directly, so I needed something to massage the lines of frustration out of my forehead and impending jowls, as well as gently scrub all that oil and grit off my skin. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Made of 100% cotton, this scrubbie gently massages as it exfoliates, leaving your face fresh and relaxed. The puff stitches actually feel like they’re massaging the muscles in your face and neck, and it feels divine. Each Crochet Massaging Face Scrubbie has a small loop at the top so you can hang it up to dry. This scrubbie dries fairly well when hung up. Certain face washes tend to bleach items because of the benzoyl peroxide ingredient, so all scrubbies will be in natural colors or white.

I have 5 Ivory and 5 White listed as available. Also check out the complementing headband, added to the store to help you keep your hair out of your face and soap. Because we all know how freakin’ annoying it is to wash¬† your face and have those little itty, bitty hairs from your hairline get in the way. You can find the headband and scrubbie set here.

Visit my shop by clicking the image to the left or the product on the right sidebar. Don’t forget to like my business page, I’ll be updating it regularly with more items in the Spa Set as they come out.

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