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I don’t believe in plastering unending, annoying ads all over the place. I especially hate those animated or video ads, and really don’t want to make you deal with them.  Occasionally, you’ll see an ad embedded on my front page. I’m not being a hypocrite, I’m letting you know that if I find this ad resource valuable, it’s worth your time to check it out, because I highly recommend it. When I write a blog about something, I will place very specific links in my posts and articles that I feel will benefit you, your projects, and maybe enlighten or inspire you. These specific shopping links in my posts will go to Amazon, Craftsy, Patternworks, or any other site I may have listed below. I do receive a commission from these links, but only if you purchase from them. Prices of the items you purchase through these affiliate sites will not be altered at all, nor will the commission percentage be added on to your total. I just receive a small percentage.

Affiliate Website Collection

Below is a collection of my affiliates’ websites. Click on the picture, and that will take you to the site. These are websites that I personally subscribe to, and they are very well worth it. I do receive a commission from these links, so if you purchase something, thank you very much for your support!

Needlework & Yarncraft links:

125x40More along the lines of embroidery, Keepsake Needle Arts has some gorgeous, inspiring kits and home decor.  

125x40Patternworks is a great source for patterns, yarn, tutorials, kits, notions, needles, hooks, you name it. It’s a great place to get started with their Beginner’s Corner.

125x125 15percent I love Interweave. I have subscribed to two of their magazines, I’ve purchased quite a few of their pattern books, and they have incredible classes and really good sales.




Craftsy is my go-to for classes, indie patterns and kits. However, for photography, this is the place to go. We all need great photos of our projects and items, and Craftsy has some amazingly easy classes and ebooks that will really boost your photography skills for your business.


Take a Break & Refresh links:

37174_85If there’s one thing to turn to when you take a break from knitting or crocheting, especially with the steamy summer coming up, Starbucks Refreshers is the way to go. Their iced coffee is awesome, and they now serve toddy!





Juice BeautyJuice Beauty is a certified organic skin care company that helps keep skin healthy with all natural ingredients. With free shipping on all orders over $30, Juice Beauty offers cleansers, sunscreens, makeup and more. And after days of knitting or crocheting in the hot summer sun, a good natural refresher is needed.




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