9″ Circular Needles


9″ Circular Needles: A Great Tool I started using 9″ circular needles because I really just hated trying to join in the round with Double Pointed Needles. Working those first few rows got to be such a trial. And can … Continue reading

Customizable Fingerless Gloves

Basic Fingerless Gloves

Customizable Fingerless Gloves There are a lot of patterns for fingerless gloves out there. A bunch of them are very intricate, a decent amount are basic. Some of them are knit flat and seamed, others are knit in the round. … Continue reading

Squishy Mail #3: Sapphires N Purls


Sapphires Yarn (Sapphires N Purls) The Dyer: Impassioned by knitting, Indie Dyer Beth Richardson of Sapphires n Purls began knitting in 2005, and has since discovered the inevitable joy equal to knitting: dyeing yarn. Ms. Richardson moved from big box … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Yarncrafters

A gift for knitters and crocheters is usually yarn, but what else do you get them? Here is a list of ideas that any yarncrafter will love. You know he or she has been dropping hints for a while as … Continue reading

Holiday Sales from Indie Shops

Indie Shop Holiday Sales List Header

Yarnies love it when Indie Shops have holiday sales. Indie Shops + Holiday Sales = one happy yarncrafter. This combination will keep your knitter or crocheter satisfied for a few weeks… Until a new colorway or yarn blend is added … Continue reading

Squishy Mail #2: Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium


Squishy Mail #2: Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium The Dyer: Hilori Thompson, owner of Hilori’s Magical Yarnorium on Etsy, is an indie dyer based out of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Ms. Hilori uses colorfast acid dye, guaranteeing a gorgeous variegation of rich colors … Continue reading

Squishy Mail #1: Darn Good Yarn


Squishy Mail #1: Darn Good Yarn The Company: Darn Good Yarn offers a wide variety of vanity yarns made of reclaimed fibers such as silk, chiffon, denim, linen and more. They also feature Banana Fiber yarn, hemp, suede. They have … Continue reading

Review: Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Deluxe Set


Thinking of getting new needles that won’t break the bank? Knitter’s Pride Dreamz is right up  your alley. I am in no way a marathon knitter. I love Clover Takumi Bamboo needles. They do tend to get sticky, though, and … Continue reading

JuneeB Designs Update!


JuneeB Designs Update! It’s time I took a moment to update everyone with what was going on, and why the lack of posts. Sure, I don’t post on Facebook every day, five times a day, nor do I tweet, pin … Continue reading